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Christmas, this year

A man is blessed to call someone his friend,
For those are such rare finds in life,
A man is graced to call someone his daughter,
For she is, in truth, one of a kind.

You, daughter, who are truly one of a kind,
I like to call my friend, too.
In the still moment of a glance, I see God's grace
alight there, showering me, celebrating love.
No father could ask for more.

Like a river you may never see,
So may my love run in your light.
Yet it remains true for all
I am worth
In my small life, for all
To see.

About this same time In your life, 
in my life, I discovered 
The lesson of Christ's birthday.
The gifts we give one another 
On this day,
Is the gift of the grace
He gives us,
By His presence in one another, 
As we see in others,

And, when i catch sight of me
In the space of a blink 
Of an eye, as you watch
The world I know,
You make me more than I am.

For this, I will be eternally grateful 
To His Majesty, the Lord of Love.
So, Happy Birthday, Jesus, 
My friend, what a gift you give.