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My Untimely Demise

Well, I've not posted in so long I forgot my password.  Does that about cover it?  I won't go into the nature of the voluminous funk I've been in for this period of time, but I feel somewhat elated today, as if i'm coming out of Plato's cave seeing the sun for the first time.  I'm blinded by the light, and I'm a little afraid, perhaps even more than a little.  The reason is a natural one in that when one has been facing one failure after another so that it becomes a pattern, one is afraid that the truth one sees may be merely another illusion.  Of course, it's all illusions anyway, but we like the feel of control and order over the illusions we create for ourselves and our wellbeing.  

If all goes well, I'm back, and even if it doesn't perhaps I'm back anyway.  This is such a good place to come back to, really it is.  Even when it is only me talking to me.