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Can Ya See Me Now?

Can ya see me now?
Can ya see me now?
How ‘bout now?
God knows ‘bout ya,
An’ so do I.
How ‘bout now?
Saw a kid th’other day
Crossin’ n’ street,
And god knows ‘bout him too.’
He straddled that hood so nice,
Blood and guts, what a treat.
How it musta hurt
Hittin’ that concrete.
Ya ever scrape your knee or
Your cheek in a fall?
Ain’t pleasant. Just a scald.
God, how it burns.
The soul knows ‘bout it.
The whole soul knows,
Yur whole ole soul.
How the hatred burns ya guts.
That stringy crap-laden soul
So darkened by my knowin’ ya,
The way I do.
CC Ryder